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Come sit with me for a sec. 

Music & the Arts have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I’m a New York native, grew up in Texas, and now call Nashville home. I started performing in local theatre at the age of 5, picked up the guitar at age 10 and began studying classical voice at the age of 14. But my true love was one she wouldn’t share with the world for awhile.

In my preteen years I began jotting down lyrics in the margins of my school notebooks & softly trying out original songs in my room, well out of earshot. Waiting until I was 18, I slowly started sharing her songs, right before I would be attending Belmont University in Nashville to earn a degree in this long kept secret obsession of songwriting.

Inspired by the creative energy in Nashville I began writing more than I ever had and began performing at venues like Exit/In, The High Watt, at Belmont’s Urban Pop Showcase & at Musicians Corner in Centennial Park, and my music began gaining recognition from NoiseTrade, GoodMusicAllDay, and Nashville’s Independent radio station Lightning 100.

My style ranges from folk & singer/songwriter to alternative and indie-pop. I strive to create music that is sonically dynamic & lyrically resonant. After putting out a diverse catalog of music over the years I have released my first album your absence, a closeness into the wild. It’s available everywhere music is heard!


Thank you for being here today **queen wave**